super crappy opinion experiment. so experimental, this essentially looks like a default page. Experimenetal because my site has largely been free from opinion(I think. UPDATE 2019-09-11: do I even know my own site?!). Inspired by Owlman's After Dark.

Bear in mind that you may not agree. And that's totally OK. You know, I like to drink tea, it's tasty to me. But I do not like to drink coffee. I do not like its taste. Let's say you like coffee. Does that mean I dislike you because we experience coffee differently? No! :) Same goes for opinion. We can have different opinions about things. We can try to perceive each others viewpoints. But they may differ, but that does not mean purely because of that, we can't like each other.

Also, if you notice I talk a lot about the Netherlands, that's because I live in the Netherlands, and so I know a lot more and can look up stuff easier than for example, bangladesh. In fact, I know little about bangladesh. I do know they live near sea level, and experience floods often. That's all.