Epic rice cooker review

Is this an epic review of a rice cooker, or is this a review of an epic rice cooker? Perhaps both?

crappy cropped photo of the Tristar RK-6103 rice cooker cooking rice
crappy cropped photo of the Tristar RK-6103 rice cooker cooking rice

Hey, it's xXxJoppiesauS_2011xXx here, back again with another shitpost.

So back in january I was standing in the discounter supermarket and I saw a stack of rice cookers. I wanted to buy one for a longer time, but I was postponing it because of the stress of choosing the right one.

I really wanted to have some rice. I stood there frozen, looking at the boxes thinking whether I should buy one or not. After 5 minutes, I thought: "I want to eat rice TONIGHT!" and I picked one from the stack. I scanned it, it turned out to be 13 euros(12.99 to be precise), well within my budget. I also bought some brown rice. Proudly, holding the box like wall-e does, I walked out of the supermarket and put it under my carrier straps, and bicycled home satisfied.

13 euros. It's easier to spend more when doing a takeout dinner, and you can't even get a haircut for that price. I will never understand economics.

Anyways, It comes with a plastic spoon which I have never used, a glass lid with a plastic knob, an inner pot, the device itself, and a measuring cup. You measure the rice, and you measure the water. It's roughly 1:1 ratio, except when you're doing less than 150 grams than it's a little more water. You throw it together, and hit the switch. After 20 minutes or so, the switch pops(slightly before that you can sometimes hear a cracking sound, so you know it's almost ready). That's all, your rice is perfect and finished. The largest amount I tried was ~310 grams of uncooked rice, and that seems about the limit, but works fine. Keep in mind it might take a few extra minutes, as there is more mass that needs to be heated up by the 300 watt heating element.

Only thing what I would like to have is a "keep warm" function, but if you don't remove the lid it stays warm long enough for my use. Also, there are more energy efficient ways to cook rice(by cooking water and then insulating it with sheets), but this is easier, and it's probably better than cooking yourself since less water is used. Cleaning is fairly easy and straightforward, and I hope the (probably polyfluoroalkyl) anti-stick coating lasts long. An additional benefit of the rice cooker is that it frees up room for a pan on a stove(of which mine has a capacity of two), at the cost of an extra device needing to be stored.

In conclusion, easy way to cook rice for a one or two person household. I love this thing. It has a beautiful simplicity to it, with no fancy sensors or software(video from Technology Connections about this). This has served me many dinners with rice. I am very thankful, and I hope I'll have many more dinners with rice using this device.


UPDATE 2024-02-09: 2 years later and at least 100 uses and it's still going strong, though the anti-stick coating is not as good anymore so you have to scrape the bottom with a wooden spoon to get all of the rice. Also, earlier this week I saw them at the discounter supermarket for 13 euros again, as if the inflation over the last 2 years never existed. Awesome!