Penelope fan "art"

Hi everyone, I made some fan "art" of penelope, the neocities mascot cat idk. I made some questionable fan "art", for your eyes only.

Penelope sitting on a desk chair in front of a desktop computer. The floor is made of wood. In the background, flower wallpaper, a window with the sun shining through, and two portraits hanging of Victoria and Kyle hanging on the wall.

Penelope in front of a computer

Penelope is laying down on a surface. Above penelope's head a 500kg anvil is hanging on a rope. Next to the rope is a pulley system with scissors, if the rope is pulled the scissors will cut the rope the anvil is hanging from, causing it to fall. Lyke is holding the rope, saying "Any last words?" Penelope replies with "Tell Victoria and Kyle I love them". In the background, a painting(Caravaggio - Bacchus (1596)), and again the flower wallpaper. In the next panel you see that Lyke has pulled the rope and the anvil fell on Penelope's head, blodd is splattering everywhere, including on Lyke and the Painting.

Kyle Drake's evil imaginary brother, Lyke, kills penelope using an anvil

Background wallpaper by Five5Cats

I dedicate these works to the public domain.