I'm moving to wix.com

Hello, my dear fans, I know that you'll all be very upset to see another one of your favorite sites leaving for seemingly stupid reasons, but let me explain:

I'll be moving to some weird crap host. Yes that's right, a place I can finally at least a little bit free in publishing my delusional political views without any critisism, instead of just turning off profile comments, but whatever.


  1. I save money!!! Even though neocities is free and the supporter plan is still cheap as heck, I somehow save moni for more cheese-o's.

  2. Neocities has no FTP. Yes you've read that's right! Well, how is it done than?!?!?1 YOU MUST DRAG AND DROP ALL YOUR FILES OR USE THE SUPPLIED CONVENIENT UPLOAD BUTTON. WTF, is this 2010? Now this might not have been such a huge problem but still a pain if you had a small website, but this is simply not done on such a high quality website like this with more than 10 html files, 2 css files and more than 10 cat pictures!!! I'd rather use a protocol from another time that is there since before windowze 3.1. I don't care about data integrity, credential stealing, middle mans or spoofing? I JUST WANT THE REAL UPLOAD EXPREIENCE LIKE YOU USED TO DO AT UINVIERSITIES AND STUFF! I WANT 2 UPLOAD MY FILES TO THE INTERNET USING A REAL PROTOCOL!!! Also there are alternatives like... a neocities api and webdav that does exactly what I want, but... it's such a pain to set up on my windowze and it looks so sutpid1!! I just want FTP!! BUT, Digital Fart(R)(TM) allows me to have a linux machine without ipv6 which I have to keep up to date all the time and make sure there aren't any security issues, even though all I want is static file hosting, so that's cool!!!

  3. The community SUX! like... even though the community is entirely optional and does not influence this site what so ever I HATe vapewave and frankjavcee, okay? dabbing is not cool, yo. I have seen so many cheesestick meme, ronald mcdondald trumpet memes, spinoffs of sites, "vaperwave" or something, stupid nerd stuff yeck, (mean generalizing insult to people of a certain age). yiff, okay. PLUS, some of the cooler peeps on this site end up gone!! heck, my freinds popular website that had an unmoderated guest book had racist things written in them probably written by people who have nothing to do with neocities at all!!! aslo there is a site on here i don't like, yeck! so moronegocentric... smh i turn on mtv now. such a shame i have to leavfe neocitty for this, and that i liek that site.

  4. it's SLOW. Even froghand's pages are slower than disabled snails frozen in mud. I mean I can't help it; it's defintely neocities weak backend with their anycast CDN and nginx with HTTP2 and deflate, not my slow internet connection and weak computer with internet exploder.

It's such, such a sheam it has to end like this. It was definitely not my decision. It was so promising back in 2013. If it was something like that, or better, I would totally use that service! But as the years went on, I fart/

I'm not going to completely remove my neocities site, I will leave a redirect to lure in more visitors

so yeah now i'm moving to my http non ipv6 site that's behind a paywall when on too low bandwidth and has ads and a big fat banner k bye

This is a joke. I'm not going to leave Neocities! I love Neocities! it's a reference too... I'll explain it sometime. EDIT: more info on owlman's site(scroll down) | local mirror