So, at the time of writing this, 2017-11-05, this is the 7th most followed site on Neocities ( | Thank you so much everyone, I cannot explain my feelings about this. Never have I thought my site would be such a success! Even without the views, my site is a success nonetheless. Because I love my crappy site :^)

Update 2019-07: Sorting by "Most followed" doesn't work as you might expect anymore. In this example, I have 210 followers. whereareyou has 104 followers. However, whereareyou is ahead of me. I am not quite sure how it works. There have been some updates to the system after some abuse where a Neocities supporter created 200 sites or something and followed themselves to get on top, as a demonstration of the exploit. It should be noted that some deleted/banned sites follow me, and I follow a lot of sites that follow me. So that might be a factor. but I am honestely not sure. If you're brave and you really want to find out, you can dig through the code.

That said, it's of course nice to know that other people like your site as well. I hope this page will help you with that!

How to get more followers

Love your site!

The most important thing is to love your site. If you think your site is trash, or is just out for the views, and you don't like your site at all: at some point you will cry you will be dissapointed, either by the lack of motivation to build your site, or the lack of attention.

But of course, it's never too late to fix that! You can start over, or edit your site.

Some people say your site must be a big project with a lot of effort to be a success, but I disagree. It can be just your hobby. This site is probably a proof of that.

Love to update your site!

This keeps your site alive and kicking. Plus, your site will be a little more complete!

Updates really help getting views and followers within Neocities. You'll be featured in the "special sauce" list, the global activity feed and in the feed of sites that are following you. It makes people curious and they will check out your site (even following ones!) to see what's new.

Don't be afraid to try new things. Trying new things can be really nice. If you don't like the changes, you can always remove it/put it in the junk corner of your website.

Explore & follow sites you like!

If you follow a site you like, the site you like will see that you've followed them (if they're active). They'll probably check out your site, and since you liked their site, large chance they like yours! They'll probably follow you. Even when they might not like your site right now, they might follow you anyways because they want to see what your site becomes (speaking for myself).

Also, when you follow a site/your site gets followed, it appears in the activity feed of the site you followed. People will see this, they might check out your site because of this.

Plus, it's fun to see what other people created. You might even get some ideas! That's how this site was born.

Interact with other sites!

Here's what strata says:

I mean, not interacting for follows in the first place, just be part of the community because you like it

I agree. This point can help and it can be very fun! Reply to site updates, post a comment somewhere, you get the idea... But don't overdo it, only when you feel like you have something to say - not for the sake of followers/views. This might backfire. Just have a good time.

How to get more views

Share your website!

Link it at places! Feature it on some social media! Tell your friends!

... But really, I don't know. I've never shared my site really, I'm stuck in the Neocities bubble.

This is also clear if you look at the top ten followed sites ( | My site has the least views of them all.

having a cool site helps of course...

What the community says

Link to thread

Melonking says:

I'd add, don't spam follow people. I don't like it when people follow me just because they want a follow back.

shelfdust says:

"Interact with other sites" is the most important point here, this is what makes neocities unique. Like a forum where there's a whole site behind each avatar.

vkccodebuilder says:

Good points. Neocities is more than having some couple of followers. If your website is really good, you will be followed. No need of spamming or expecting other sites on here to follow up.

arkmsworld says:

That about sums it up, yes. Love your site. :)

Not getting results?

Remember, the things you like/make might not be popular. That's ok. It sucks if people don't view your site. But most importantly, you love your site. Keep trying, I guess! Maybe a handful of people view your site, that would probably feel nice. Maybe you'd get a comment eventually. For me it felt great, at least. Then it kind of snowballs I suppose, your site will get more attention...

Note to other sites: please give me tips to expand this list, that would be great! I'm really curious what you think about this page!

Good luck! You can do it! Can't wait to see your site.