In the morning of 2019-01-29, my cat was found dead next to a nearby road. The cat had its head injured and it had bleeded. It probably got hit by a car. My cat was buried the next day.

The day before the cat did not show up. Although sporadic, this was not concerning. The cat did not seem to die that day. Maybe in the night, or the morning after. Maybe the cat got tired(do cats get tired?), creating extra risk for an accident.

After ~14 years of being a constant factor in my life, I'm sadder than I expected. This really sucks, but that's how things go I guess. I feel something is missing. It's more quiet around here now. I'm sad. But I am happy I've got to experience my cat. I love my cat.

I've got a lot of positive comments on my cat. Thank you for this.

I still have a lot of photos of my cat left, so it is possible that I upload a photo if I run into one.

And of course, you can still admire my cat in all of its glory, on the cat page.

If you wish to see images of my dead cat, they are here. This can be shocking. If you have trouble handling these types of images, I recommend not clicking in favor of your wellbeing.(myself included)