My cat ♥

I have a cat. I love my cat. She is not really a cat who likes to play. She likes to go outside and relax, or run, or hunt, or roll in the grass. Inside she is usually relaxing on something fluffy, but sometimes she runs around like some sort of weird mad animal. She doesn't like thunderstorms and fireworks, and she is afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Maybe that's why she also breaks a lot of stuff.

Here are some crappy pictures of my cat:


sleepy cat

more cat😽

cat behind my computer peeking at me

cat in basket🐱

cat from below on the fluffy couch

cat having a good time in the grass in the sun

cat laying in front of the door and also in the sun

cat resting in the hot weather 🐈

cat scratching herself

cat in the grass

cat sitting on the bricks

cat eating mouse 🐭

cat lying in the grass even more

cat durr

cat yawn

cat stretch

cat drinking from barrel

cat stretch

cat on the couch