A Yahoo Groups adventure


Update 2019-12-09: Yahoo has banned all the accounts designated for archiving, including mine. It still was an adventure though, only less... useful. It likely means that most groups will be lost. Classic yahoo. You can still join, however.

So Yahoo Groups is a email based online group service thinggy. I don't know. It's going offline(except email) and in order to archive the groups it you have to solve catchpas(you can still join here). I did about 250 of them. And I got some... experience. So did Google. Who knows what they do with it?

Here are some groups:

sims stuff

Sims stuff I suppose

An strange osama bin laden group

Someone please tell them the news.

A group for careers in CAD. Very shortened English: \

sory 4 bad english


This group suffers from mojibake

just keyboard mashing gibberish it seems


I have seen lots of groups. A wicca group, a to find appartments or roomates in Amsterdam, a catholic group, a group for expats in the technology sector, a jackson family(not just michael jackson) fan club, LOTS of fan groups, a groub for Arabs living in New York, a linux group, a group about the Toshima Satelite Pro 460 CDX, a venezuelan group about something, lots more ...and AT HOME WITH DICK POPE:

And business oppurtunities:

group with a header with 'business oppurtunities' and then a lot of strange keywords

And now traffic lights:

A collage of strange traffic lights

What the crap is this? 5 lights, 4 lights, 1 followed by 2x2 lights. What?! Very foreign to me. Can someone explain these to me?

It is important that all intersections are as straightforward and simple as possible. It is of great importance in road safety.

a narrow shot from under a traffic light. It looks beautiful

Look at this beautiful photo of another weird traffic light

A fire hydrant on a dry, dusty road

Another almost poetic shot. A fire hydrant on a dry, dusty road

an overpass

An overpass.

a strange sideways crosswalk

What is this? A sideways crosswalk? Two times?

Now some derps

the catchpa seems to think this is a crosswalk, but it's actually a lane divider

Pretty sure this is not a crosswalk.

a bus with the destination \

this bus goes to GARAGE I suppose

a roof with tiny chimneys

look at these tiny chimneys

A building with a strange tower...

A ship!

american buses

I am thinking this is america...

large commercial signs


back of a firetruck

look a fire truck!

side of a mysterious bus far away

a strange bus...

backside of anoterh weird bus, very close

another one.

That's it! It was an interesting adventure. A time consuming one. A boring one at times. But it was an adventure. And work helped save some groups someone cherished. Plus, I see lots of traffic lights in my dreams. Just kidding, that was just one night.