Crappy food review #3: pineapple pizza adventure


The scantly topped pizza in question
The scantly topped pizza in question. Looking at the photo, in my memory my experience was worse.

You know, a few months ago, I found out that I became underweight again. Simply put, I needed to eat more.

One of these things I started to eat more is oven pizza. These are packaged pizza's, frozen. You simply remove the packaging and heat them in an oven until they're ready, that's all.

Among the cheapest, is the house-brand pineapple pizza. Sometimes I eat that, it's not great, but it's nice enough. Particularly when I feel hungry.

Also, I find it unusual that in many countries pineapple is called ananas, but in English it's called pineapple. Also you can divide it into pine apple and then it's completely different lol.

Sometimes these pizza's are scantly topped, most notably with the pineapple. Enough of pineapple is important to this pizza; it's the only thing that gives contrast to the pizza's taste. Little ham I'd be content with. Worth noting that on sauce and cheese there's always more than enough, compliments!

They never were particularly generous, but it's 1.89 EUR. I am honestly impressed that it's even possible at this price. Also, it's in a fully printed cardboard box, and the pizza has plastic wrapping. Which of course is cheap, but still, it's all within that 1.89 EUR.

But this one time I got a pizza so scantly topped, I thought: "tell anyone this isn't sad". Nearly half of the pizza did not have any pineapple on it.

So, I filed a complaint. With batch number, etcetera. A few days I unsuspectingly received a letter(I translated this from dutch, I am not the best translator but it should give an idea):

Dear (my name),

On August 31st 2020 we received your notification about (brand) crusty pizza Hawaii deep frozen. Thank you very much for your effort to bring this to our attention.

We are sorry that our product did not live up to the expected quality, and that you were disappointed by our product. We strive to do everything to guarantee the quality of our products and packaging.

You mentioned that you found the pizza scantly topped with pineapple pieces. We have passed your comments to the manufacturer, and we can notify you that there probably was a malfunction in the dosing machine, which resulted in too little pineapple pieces on the pizza. Of course the pizza should have been noticed and removed. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The employees involved have been notified by your notification to prevent this from happening in the future.

We find it unfortunate that you have this notification. To also give you our trust in our products back, we have given you a coupon so that you can try our products again. We trust you that you'll be a customer of (brand) the coming years.

Sincerely, (brand) customer service.

And indeed, attached was a 2 EUR coupon. This letter went way above my expectations. Also this reminded me of a communication method that people used to do, writing letters.

It's nice, but also funny to see, that in a world with major issues, that the most insignificant issues are also being taken care of.

And looking back, I think for 1.89 EUR, the pizza in question is still decent. 1.89 EUR. How is that even possible? I nearly feel bad for the manufacturer. Perhaps I am an harsh consumer. Perhaps it should just cost a little more so that there can be more pineapple on it. Manufacturer happy, consumer happy.