Crappy food review #2: expensive mediocre mozzarella ovenpizza

We disussed dinner. The conclusion quickly became clear: nothing was going to be cooked. I rush to the supermarket to get some ovenpizza's.

Once there, I look at the pizzas one by one, to make something out of the pizza's during sensory overload. And then I see it: is that a cauliflower on the packaging?

That doesn't seem promising. Why would there be a cauliflower in the pizza? I'll take it.

At home, where there are less stimuli, I see that the cauliflower is in the dough. It's only 19% of the entire pizza, by the way. Isn't just wheat more efficient? My mom says cauliflower is quite a hype. Oh now I how it is: I see a business developer looking at crappy somewhat popular "healthy" food blogs and sees cauliflower and now has an idea for a product. Speaking of "healthy": this pizza contains 3 grams of salt(50% daily recommended intake), which is lower than other oven pizza's, but higher than a generic mozzarella ovenpizza, and still high by the way.

I'll cut the crap: It's just an expensive mozzarella pizza. At best it's slightly more tasty than a generic one, but this pizza is ~73% more expensive. It tastes slightly different, but did not taste any cauliflower. Not worth it. Still, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I enjoyed it. But I am questioning why this at all exists, especially considering the price.

Bonus nitpicking time: The packaging says the following: 1: Preheat the oven. 2. Remove the film. Bake the deep frozen pizza on the rack in the bottom shelf of the oven. (12-13 min). Wait, those are 3 steps, but there are only two numbers!!11!!1

Never again, et plus jamais.