Crappy food review #1: döner..?

Crappy as in crappy review, and maybe crappy food

I wasn't feeling particularly well. I was in a sad mood. Me and mom were the only ones who where going to eat, and we didn't know what. She suggested pizza. I am slightly excited, and look through a folder of a local pizzaria. I see chicken döner. After some doubting if I should just get a pizza hawaï, I somehow decided chicken döner. What is chicken döner anyways? Let's find out. So I call the place:

"Hi. How does chicken döner taste?"
"ehm, hold on" she proceeded to ask.
"Like chicken." I hear murmur in the background.
"it's tasty to try it sometime"

Naturally I was sold at this point. "Ok, one chicken döner in bread. With extra vegetables, please." That was of course, because I remembered my previous experiences with döner; too much meat and too little vegetables to give it contrast. The meat is too dominant.

So me and my mother go there and I receive it and pay. We drive back a fun route, it could be a rally route probably.

Back at home unpack the meal and I witness what a masterpiece I have received. It wasn't a masterpiece. Somehow after years of very occasionally eating döner I still heavily romanticize it and it still hasn't sunk in yet that this meal is just a hunk of meat and is not for me. But this was definitely the worst. The sauce was as ordinary cocktail sauce, nothing to complain here. The chicken tasted like döner, which was... good. The bread was also good. But the iceberg lettuce was wilted, and it made the bread wet, and there wasn't that much of it. Furthermore, there was only some minor onion, that was all the vegetables. And a lot of meat. A. Lot. It barely fit in the bread, which was large of itself. I think I saved half of the meat for another day. Anyways, the balance was completely off. The extra ordered and paid for "vegetables" proved no contrast for the dominant meat. I ate some cucumber afterwards.

What have I done?!

Never again, en nooit meer.