2020-07-24 Four days ago, I noticed that the skies were clear. No clouds! so I had the urge to observe the C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) again.

This time I observed it before going to a darker spot, once I took a photo, I went to it.

And it was nice. Still barely visible to me. I could see the tail, but only if I didn't look directly into it, but rather next to it. And look: a much better picture. Still blurry and noisy, but it's much more clear and steady.

I also shot in RAW file format however, I am not sure how it works. If I pull it through darktable it's more noisy. I can denoise it, but it looks... idk. More detail though.

I had also set up my telescope, and to my surprise, the comet wasn't particularly interesting through the telescope, in my opinion.

slightly better photo of the C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) comet

Below the old photo, for comparison:

old photo of the comet

Again a table of data of the original uncropped image:

F number7.1
Shutter speed8 s
FOV16.8 deg
Light Value-0.7
Timestamp2020-07-21 00:10:20 CEST/UTC+02:00