2020-05-01 Another cat adventure.

06:00(local time): I hear a cat outside making low meowing noises. I thought it was a precursor to a cat fight or something. I knew it was 06:00 because the church clock struck 6 times.

09:10: housemate notifies me that there's something wrong with the female cat. The cat has managed to crawl to the grass in the backyard. We bring it inside the house. I stroke it and such. High heartbeat tempo and respiratory rate. The cat meows a weird way. Sometimes the cat is calm, but sometimes the cat tries to move a lot; it became obvious the bottom-right leg was not functioning. Minor blood here and there. The other cat is slightly curious or something. I thought it was going to be alright. Well not entirely, but like, that the cat would live. Perhaps with a broken leg.

10:05: housemates go to the vet.

10:45: back from the vet. They tell me the news. Likely hit by car. Paraplegia due to spinal cord injury. Broken leg and broken tail. Unable to urinate etc. No chance of recovery/acceptable life. They put the cat into narcosis and injected a substance into its heart, which results in cardiac arrest.

11:14: housemate notifies me again that a chicken also died. The chicken has been quite... off the last few days. Very likely unrelated. A few days ago I also buried a rat, because we have a minor rat problem, too. Massgrave time..?

12:??: Dug a deep hole.

15:??: watched a part of The Darkest Hour (2011)(not to be confused with Darkest Hour (2017), which I like). It's not good, but so far it's enjoyable.

17:40: buried the cat and the chicken.

Life is weird sometimes. Strangely, despite it's toughness, I feel peace with the situation.