2020-02-28 Had driving practice yesterday! First time in a year. This time it was in a different car, a luxury turbodiesel small family car. Driving it is... weird. It takes some time between the moment you kick in the gas pedal and between it actually reacts, most notably at low speeds. I like the supermini petrol/electric hybrid from japan in terms of driving better I think, the gas pedal is much more linear and responsive. But I had a lot of fun and it went quite well, but I am not sure if I can do it regularly, it takes a lot of energy.

Anyways, something emotional happened two days ago: seven months ago we got two new cats: one male, orange cat, and one grey female cat. At the time I didn't want a new cat, let alone two, but the rest of the family wanted it. And this is not the UN so I cannot veto ;-)

Anyways yesterday late in the evening I was doing my usual cycling round when I ran into a dead cat not too far off the house where I live. I park my bicycle and approach the cat. It was orange, and it had white feet. It was warm; it died minutes ago. I immediately thought this was our cat, which looks very similar, which I let outside an hour ago or so. I start to cry. In my emotion, I stroke it, and I pick up the bloody cat which is very probably hit by a vehicle. I walk towards my home tears over my cheeks. Is this really happening? Again? I realize I am very attached to it. The fur still feels nice and warm. The cat feels very rigid and flexible. I'll miss the cat. Once home I temporarily put it back on the ground, and I approach my mother.

She looks at me, sees a serious expression on my face. "What?"
"Our male cat is dead."
"What? The cat is right there!" She points behind me and I look behind me, and indeed, I see our male cat walking ordinarily.

Shit. This wasn't our cat. This is the cat of someone else.

There I go again, walking back with the cat. My coat is under the blood of the beautiful cat. There is something weird going on with the bloody mouth, there is something orange in it. I am still feeling emotional.

Once back I put it on a small ridge. I make sure it looks as nice as possible. I give it a stroke and I return home with my bicycle.

This was a very strange experience. I really, really thought it was our cat. I don't know what to say. If I hadn't my cat let outside, this hadn't happened. Same if there was daylight, or if I took a different route.

I checked yesterday afternoon, and the cat was no longer where I had put it. I hope the owner found it.

Next time I will put more emphasis on identifying the cat. Goodbye, cat.