What can 1kB do?

a flag 4 strata ;)


This is a flag for strata, because I like strata!

I made it. If you look closely to the flag, you can see there are the letters "STRATA"!

I don't like the flag, because this is a self-deprecating joke!

I also like really small file sizes, and really BIG upscales! So big, you need to step back from your monitor to see what is actually going on!

Also, images are not the only things I like upscaled big ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I have a very strong opinion over how technology should be used. For example, I don't like windows, and embedded css.

WELL WHAT'S NEXT, THE SKY ISN'T BLUE? YOU'RE A DISAGREE TO THE FAMILY. Bill gates can suck my fresh cock. The end.

froghand pls I like you and I like your content. I just wanted to make a satire but it didn't turn out too well. This is not my thing I guess.