A trip to the cinema: No Time To Die (2021)

Yesterday I went to the cinema. I was greatly looking forward to this movie. What I really like about James Bond is that it has elements that are always present. There is usually a party, almost always a car chase, there is the girl who helps bond, there is the villain. This gives me assurance, somehow. And I really like the recent James Bonds, so even if the story weren't that great or whatever I knew I'd enjoy it.

I had the release date written down in my agenda, november 2019.s And there were apparently some delays in the production. And then it was postponed, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And then it was postponed again. In fact the last James Bond movie was so long ago, brexit wasn't even an thing yet. And now the brexit is all wrapped up.

But finally, two agendas later, there I was, ready to go in to the cinema. So much had changed these past few years. And also since the previous time since I went to the cinema, the covid situation was different. It was, back the, the best time since the since the pandemic. Cases were relatively low, and the restrictions were the least since it began. You had 1.5m distance, so it wasn't crowded. I really liked that.

This time, it was different. No 1.5m distance, also no masks - the dutch always had a weird relationship with the mouthmasks. And compared to 0 vaccinated, now 82.4% of the Dutch populus above 18 was vaccinated.RIVM Now you had to show a proof of vaccination, recovery, or had done a test. I initially wanted to go with a friend, but he couldn't make it in time, and even if he did, he wouldn't have tested in time. That said, I went on the middle of the day, the first display in the cinema. There were something like fifteen people, mostly people above their sixties. It was a cozy small cinema, with one of those where you can press a button and someone will walk up on you to take an order for food or drinks. Also a

The screen was also different. No 70mm film, but a digital 4K projection, on a smaller screen. It seems from memory that the 70mm film has more details, and certainly more charm. You see it especially in the clothes. You saw so many details on 70mm. But my memory could have warped.

Anyways, yesterday I accidentally saw a headline on the front page of a newspaper, and it had a slightly negative tone. "Too long and sometimes boring". I felt agitated: all the effort I had done to avoid any kind of spoiler of bias, shattered. I didn't even see a trailer.

I disagree with the headline, I really enjoyed the film. Despite being the longest bond film ever, it wasn't too long, and I was never at any point bored. Yes, it had some calmer moments, but that was what I also like.

I have some criticism(not a spoiler but may give bias): the villain plot was kind of edgy. And spoiler: And that sure as hell didn't age well. I don't think it's possible at all. How would that even reproduce? How would it be "forever"? HOW. Not really criticism, but I think this will probably fuel conspiracy theories. I think that is the weakest point of the film, but lets be honest, it's james bond, you don't go there for realism.

Conclusion: A great modern bond movie, better than Spectre and Quantum of Solace. Great ending of 5 movies where Daniel Craig plays as James Bond. I thoroughly enjoyed the long movie.

Also, a little into the movie I found the sound too loud. I already put up my headphones up, but it wasn't enough. Wanting to protect my ears, I went to the toilet during a calm scene, and put my ear plugs in I had prepared just-in-case. But I had forgotten to put the replaceable filters in, so I put them way to far in my ears. When the movie was done, I couldn't get them out on my own. Once home, I had to ask help.

I loved this trip.